I was profoundly moved by a granddaughter’s video tribute to her grandmother on the National Geographic website.

Gan-Gan by Gemma Green-Hope - National Geographic's Proof

Gemma Green-Hope’s Gan-Gan lives on through a loving granddaughter.

What a wonderful life-statement, a lasting eulogy to one so dear.

Gemma Green-Hope with Gan-Gan's Bicycle: National Geographic Proof Series Tribute

Immortality takes on many forms.

As we move through life we try to make a difference, we thrive and grow through a series of relationships; and, in the end, those connections define us.

They are what matter.

They are, in fact, our immortality because, as long as we are remembered, we live on.

One thing is certain:

Gan-Gan, through the images and words of Gemma Green-Hope, lives on!

George Orwell once wrote that the loss of a person equals the loss of an entire perspective:

“One mind less, one world less.”

Gemma Green-Hope echoes Orwell’s sentiments when talking about her poetic stop-motion piece and explaining why she made a film tribute for her grandmother

“Everyone has such interesting lives and stories,

and it seems sad that all that history often disappears with them.

It’s impossible to sum up someone’s whole life in two minutes,

but I wanted to capture a little piece of her marvellous character

and share it with others so she wouldn’t be forgotten.”

Here’s to the millions upon millions of Gan-Gans who have lived, and continue to live, in the hearts and minds, in the very souls, of their grandchildren!

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Westside Tutoring & Testing Students

You are an Amazing Group

Be Proud of What You’ve Accomplished to Date!

Westside Tutoring & Testing Services Fall 2014 ACT & SAT Prep Classes

Westside Tutoring & Testing Services Fall 2014 ACT & SAT Prep Classes: The Future Is in Good Hands!

DSCN5981 edit

I have been through your practice exams and I have to tell you…I couldn’t be prouder!

Westside Tutoring Students Face a Sisyphean Task

Hugh MacLeod can drive a point home with a few words and an image. Genius! You can check his work out at http://www.gapingvoidart.com

We are imperfect beings, all of us.

We strive for perfection but, ultimately, it’s a Sisyphean task!

Proficiency and Mastery

Once we’ve mastered a task, a subject, or a physical or intellectual feat, we are faced with even greater challenges. And, as we move forward from one task to another, we are constantly pushed to step outside of our comfort zone. Being pushed is out of our comfort zone is never easy. In fact, it can be downright uncomfortable; and yet, it is only through striving for something better, something greater than ourselves, that we end up knowing our true selves.

Through striving, constantly pushing beyond of our comfort zone, we come to a knowledge of Self:

  • Self-mastery
  • Self-knowledge
  • Self-sacrifice.

These are all necessary steps we must take as we travel our path through life.

Intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth can be difficult…if not downright painful!

To quote The Beatles George Harrison:

“It don’t come easy!”

Nor should it…at least not to the vast majority of us.


I wonder if those individuals who appear to have it “easy.” or “easier,” are really being honest about just how “easy” they have it!

Pushing Through

And, when all is said and done, the triumph is in the doing, the seeking, the exploring, and the striving…in sticking with it, whatever it happens to be, when everything in you screams “QUIT!”

You are a remarkable group of young people and I am proud to be your teacher, tutor, mentor, and friend.

God has blessed you with a myriad of gifts, gifts you have put to good use.

As we move forward and ultimately go our own ways, I want you to know that my door is always open to you and my home is always your home.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with each and every one of you and for that I will be eternally grateful!

The future belongs to you…so seize each and every day. I am grateful to be of service and I wish you every good thing in life!

Professor Z

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