Studying for Finals 101: Part I

Westside Tutoring & Testing Services: How to Study for Finals 101

The Do’s & Don’ts of Studying for Finals: Part I

Westside Tutoring & Testing Services: How to Study for Finals 101

All-Nighters: A Recipe for Failure

As we move closer to finals week and SAT, ACT, and LSAT dates, the temptation is to stay up later, get up earlier, study in marathon sessions, skip meals, and avoid showers (unfortunately). In point fact, pulling your hair back and into a ponytail often serves as the next-best thing to a shower…for guys and girls!

Westside Tutoring & Testing Services' How to Survive Finals Week 101

Unfortunately, this strategy, or series of strategies, has a real downside…over and above the obvious one!

Almost everyone has pulled an all-nighter at one time or another, myself included. It was one of the most grueling experiences of my academic life and one I wouldn’t want to live through again. My all-nighter came before a Social Psychology final taught by Professor Brian Blake at Cleveland State University. And yes, I got an A on the final and for the course.

But would I do it again?


If you have several exams over the course of a week or two, coupled with an all-important ACT, SAT, or GRE, adhering to the above-mentioned strategy or set of strategies will do more harm than good.

Instead of going all Kamikaze, here is a strategy that works:

  • Begin at once!
  • Set up a schedule and stick to it.
  • Study in 45-60 minute blocks, depending on how dense the subject matter is.
  • Take a 5-10 minute break and then resume.
  • You can keep that up for 4-6 hours (4-10pm) and still get a decent night’s sleep (weeknights).
  • Study in 3-4 hour blocks over the weekend. Remember to take breaks every 45-60 minutes. You will be able to study longer (3-4 blocks) and retain more.
  • Don’t skip meals “because you just don’t have time” or you’re “just not that hungry right now.”
  • Make sure you eat a decent breakfast loaded with complex carbs on exam day(s).

NOTE: Your brain is a voracious consumer of carbohydrates and you must replenish your body’s stores every day…several times a day during exam week. Think of yourself as a marathoner and carbohydrate loading a necessity.

Load! Load! Load!

Westside Tutoring & Testing Services Recommends Carb Loading

No Kidding!

More to follow….

Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts and strategies you use that work.

Professor Z

Professor John P. J. “Jack” Zajaros, Sr.
Westside Tutoring & Testing Services
Serving the Students of NE Ohio for Over 3 Decades!
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
216-712-7004 (office)
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Rock Your Entrance Exam: Begin Your ACT and/or SAT Prep Today!

Westside Tutoring & Testing Services' Students Conquer Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety? Well, Our ACT and SAT Prep Students Rock the House!

Westside Tutoring & Testing Services' Students Conquer Test Anxiety

Rid Yourself of Test Anxiety Once and for All!

Call 216-712-7004 Today!

Whether this is your first time taking the ACT or SAT (many of our students do, in fact, take both more than once), or your second, third, fourth, or seventh* time through…the Westside Tutoring and Testing Services ACT/SAT Prep Course will help you attain your ultimate Goal Score!


Westside Tutoring and Testing Services offers:

  • 2 and 4 Week Intensive ACT Prep Course (4 one-on-one, 90 minute sessions weekly and at least 1 practice test)
  • 2 and 4 Week Intensive SAT Prep Course (4 one-on-one, 90 minute sessions weekly and at least 1 practice test)
  • 6 and 8 Week Intensive ACT Prep Course (4 one-on-one, 90 minute sessions weekly and at least 2 practice test)
  • 6 and 8 Week Intensive SAT Prep Course (4 one-on-one, 90 minute sessions weekly and at least 2 practice test)
  • 12 and 16 Week Intensive ACT Prep Course (3 one-on-one, 90 minute sessions weekly and at least 4 practice tests)
  • 12 and 16 Week Intensive SAT Prep Course (3 one-on-one, 90 minute sessions weekly and at least 4 practice tests)
  • WTTS’ Fully-customized ACT/SAT Prep Course [3-4 one-on-one, 90 minute sessions weekly and at least 3/3 (6) practice tests]

Similar test prep (entrance, proficiency, and placement) course structures are available for the GRE, LSAT, ASVAB, AP, CLEP, GMAT, etc. 

All Westside Tutoring and Testing Services test prep course and tutoring programs are one-on-one. We do not believe in offering anything less than the very best in individualised, one-on-one instruction. The classroom approach to test prep is, in our view, a complete and utter failure. Sadly, it is what most students are subjected to and it is why we see most of our students after they have taken the ACT, SAT, GRE, or LSAT two, three, four, and five times.

It is fundamentally impossible to reach 30 to 40 students effectively and simultaneously with a prepared (read: canned) script that fails to offer much, if any, wiggle room for questions and interaction.

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services’ ACT and SAT Prep Course students succeed while others fail, relatively speaking, because every WTTS test prep program is designed with our student’s needs in mind. Our primary concern is one student….the student we are working with (i.e., tutoring, coaching, mentoring, teaching, etc.) at that specific moment in time. We do not have to teach to the class average. Or, worse yet, we do not have to teach to the lowest common denominator.

Every WTTS test prep course is fluid, measured and adjusted constantly in order to assist just one individual…the client seated across from the instructor!

Every Westside Tutoring and Testing Services Student is Number 1

Every Westside Tutoring and Testing Services Student is #1!

Additionally, academic tutoring is also offered in only one way: Individualized, one-on-one sessions for no more than 90 minutes (read: The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz; and, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working by Tony Schwartz). Both are excellent books and should be required reading for every teacher, tutor, coach, mentor, employer, etc. In fact, they should be required reading for anyone interested in peak performance.

When all is said and done, we are interested in little else at Westside Tutoring and Testing Service…given the proper structure and guidance, of course!

Ask us for answers to the following questions when we meet for our first, free, 90 minute consultation and assessment:

  • Why doctoral (Ph.D.) level instruction for all of our students?
  • Why do our all of our students require and receive individualized, one-on-one instruction?
  • Why do all of our students require and receive a program built, and constantly monitored and adjusted just for them…and for no one else?
  • Why are our tutoring sessions never more than 90 minutes in length (with the unfortunate exception being practice exams)?
  • Why do we have to teach our students how to take the ACT and/or SAT?
  • Why is more time spent on test taking strategy, and less on academics (although both receive more than their due)?
  • Why do many of our students remain with us for months and, in some instances, years beyond their initial contact?
  • Why does Westside Tutoring and Testing Services specialize in tutoring, teaching, coaching, and mentoring students challenged by and diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?
  • Why do we also have a program for students labeled specifically as Gifted…and often in Gifted programs on taking Gifted courses?

Please know that WTTS also has a very substantial and thriving  tutoring practice filled with students not fighting through the label labyrinth…at least not yet! Labeling can be difficult and destructive…it is seldom productive; and yet, it is entirely human!

The ADHD Specialists: Westside Tutoring and Testing Services - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Suggested Reading: How to Recognize and Hire a Professional Tutor: 30 Years of Working with ADHD Students

Once again, Westside Tutoring and Testing Services offers a myriad of standardized entrance, proficiency, and placement exam prep courses for students in almost every age bracket and at virtually every academic level.

Here are just a few of the WTTS test prep course examples:

  • High School Sophomores – PSAT
  • High School Juniors and Seniors – SAT, ACT, and OGT
  • High School Juniors and Seniors (primarily) – AP and CLEP
  • High School Graduates – ASVAB
  • Adults – GED
  • Undergraduates and Graduate Students – PRAXIS
  • College/University Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors – GRE, MCAT, GMAT, LSAT
  • Nursing Students (university based, hospital based, and others) – NCLEX-PN or the NCLEX-RN
  • Adults in their thirties and forties (non-traditional students) – Math and/or English proficiency exams prior to returning to school after years away

Over the past 5 years we have assisted well over 150 students, all 1-on-1, prepare for that most important of days!

Incredibly, the above-mentioned list doesn’t begin to touch the absolute number of requests we receive for test prep and academic assistance (i.e., tutoring, mentoring, coaching, etc.) annually from, as previously mentioned, students of all ages and at every level.

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services is very careful to take on only those students (and parents when appropriate – because it is a joint venture) who:

  1. Really need our help – either test prep or academic tutoring (this trumps all else – the latter over the former) – this is #1, always
  2. Are committed to doing (supporting in order to accomplish) whatever may be required in order to achieve the student’s goals
  3. Agree, along with Westside Tutoring and Testing Services, to a specific goal, timeframe, and framework for its accomplishment (completion is program dependent)
  4. Finally, the student’s goal becomes WTTS’ goal and we are well on their way to “Making it so!”

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services - 30 Years of Tutoring, Coaching, Mentoring, and Influencing Students

If, after sorting through this article/blog post/promotional piece, you would like to ask us a few more questions, and perhaps discuss your Goal Score?

Or perhaps, more simply, your goals?

Please give us a call today


Serving Northeast and North Central Ohio for Over 30 Years!

Professor John P. J. “Jack” Zajaros, Sr.
Westside Tutoring and Testing Services


*We are in awe of this student, an incredibly bright and determined young man who, after taking several of the canned presentation and big name test prep courses (for a lot more money!), and falling just short of his Goal Score 7 times, he came to us. Incredibly, after completing the WTTS 8 Week Intensive Program for the required proficiency examination in his area of concentration (3 sessions weekly, 1-on-1 for 90 minutes), he blew away his previous scores and achieved his Goal Score, and more. This was, without a doubt, one of the highest points in my 30+ years of teaching, tutoring, coaching, and mentoring young people. In a lifetime filled with high points, we were all so happy for him because he went all-in and, in the process, learned so much about himself, what he is capable of, and what he can do with the proper mindset…and the right assistance (i.e., coach, mentor, teacher, tutor, etc.). And he’d also become part of the WTTS family!

**Your success is our success and we won’t stop working until you (your son or daughter) have achieved the desired outcome. The Goal Score is just one measure, of course; and naturally, your son or daughters’ measure, including the Goal Score, will be agreed upon in advance…after the free consultation and assessment is completed. Call today! 440-821-7018

What We Offer: Specializing in Tutoring Gifted Students and Students with ADD and ADHD

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services - 30 Years of Tutoring, Coaching, Mentoring, and Influencing Students

Professional Tutoring throughout the Cleveland Area for Students from 5 to 55 Years of Age

Tutoring for All Subjects and All Levels: Specializing in the Gifted and Students with ADD and ADHD

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services is an education-based consulting firm focusing on academic support, to include one-on-one tutoring throughout suburban Cleveland.


Call 216-712-7004 (voicemail monitored 24/7/365)

Below you will find a partial list of the subjects Westside Tutoring and Testing Services offers tutoring in. Westside-Tutoring and Testing Services tutors students of all ages, from pre-school and elementary school through graduate and professional school:


Science Tutoring

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services of Lakewood, Ohio Specializes in Science Tutoring

Earth Science

Physical Geography

General Science (often taught in the freshman year of high school)


  • Embryology
  • Osteology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Gross Anatomy
  • Microbiology


  • Biochemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry


Math Tutoring

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services Pays Tribute to the MathMan

PreSchool Math

Elementary Math

Middle School Math – General Math


Algebra I

Algebra II





Statistics – Beginner through Graduate Level

In tribute to a great math tutor and educator.

We’re sorry to inform you that Henry the Mathman passed away on September 8, 2011.

He was 88.

History Tutoring

Cleveland's Westside Tutoring and Testing Services Makes History Tutoring Interesting

World History

US History – Pre-Revolution to 1865

US History – Reconstruction to 1945

US History – Post WWII to Present

Western Civilization – The Golden Crescent to the Fall of Rome

European History – The Fall of Rome through Enlightenment and Revolution

European History – Emerging from Revolution to WWII

European History – The Holocaust in Depth

European History – WWII to Present

Egyptian History

Africa and the Fight for Colonial Power (we can drill down – Africa is a huge continent and topic)

Africa: Emerging from the Yolk of Colonial Power to Present (we can drill down – Africa is a huge continent and topic)

Asia – Focusing on China and Japan (we can also delve into Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc)

Russia – The Tsars (Peter the Great, the Ivans, Catherine the Great, and the fall of the Tsars)

Russia – The Revolutions of 1905 and 1917 through Perestroika

Russia – The Purges

Russia – From Lenin through Stalin

South American History

MesoAmerican History

Mexican History – Pryamids to the Fall of the Aztecs

Native American History and First Contact

English Tutoring, Grammar Tutoring, and Literature Tutoring

Westside Tutoring and English Tutoring - A Lifelong Love Affair with the English Language

English – Grammar

English – Reading

English – The Essay, Critical and Creative Writing

English – The Research Paper and Technical Writing

African American Literature

American Literature – Prior to 1860

American Literature – 1860 to 1945

American Literature – 1945 to Present

American Literature – The Great American Novel

British Literature – The Greats: Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, etc.

British Literature – The Industrial Revolution to 1945

British Literature – 1945 to Present

British Literature – The Novel

Humanities Tutoring and More

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services - 30 Years of Tutoring, Coaching, Mentoring, and Influencing StudentsAnthropology Tutoring

  • Archaeology
  • Biological Anthropology
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Linguistics
  • Physical Anthropology

Psychology Tutoring

  • Introductory Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Child Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Learning and Cognition in Psychology
  • Personality Psychology

Sociology Tutoring

Economics Tutoring

  • Micro-economics Tutoring
  • Macro-economics Tutoring

Business Management Tutoring

Marketing Tutoring – Across a Broad Range of Topics

Sales Instruction – Want to be a better salesperson?

  • Learn from one of the best! Results are guaranteed!

Test Preparation

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services - Test Prep for SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, GED

High School Standardized Tests


Standardized Tests (there are several used at present – school district dependent)

Graduation and Graduation Equivalency Exams

Ohio Graduation Test or OGT


Teacher Certification Exams

PRAXIS – We’ve had tremendous success, 100% of our students achieving a qualifying score!

College Entrance Examinations – Undergraduate




Graduate School Entrance Examinations


Professional School Entrance Examinations



Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional School Application Consulting

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services Offers College Education Consulting

Application Support – College or university and graduate school or professional school applications must be professional and set you apart!

  • We can help you do this!

Personal Statement Assistance

Scholarship Application Assistance

Complete Application Support – From targeting the right program through admission

  • Our program yields results for students focusing on academics and/or athletics!


Westside Tutoring and Testing Services Believes in Building the Proper Foundation and Reading is an Integral Part of the Foundation

Fundamental Reading – For those struggling with the ability to read

Speed Reading – Our most recent student went from 190 words per minute to 1100wpm in 12 weeks! Of course, every student is different and the above mentioned student was and remains highly motivated, but anyone can double, triple, and quadruple their reading speed in 12 weeks.

Our Most Popular Courses by Far: Study Skills and Time Management

Westside Tutoring Believes that Study Skills and Time Management Go Hand-in-Hand -Or it's a Nightmare!

Study Skills – Think back to the many courses you’ve had that deal with study skills….

Westside Tutorinjg and Testing Services Offers a Complete and Effective Study Skills Program for Cleveland Residents

  • Yeah, that’s our experience too. To date we’ve not had a student who has had a course that taught study skills, much less time management!

In fact, most students can go through 13 to 17 years of education, some students at the best prep schools and universities in the country, and never have a class on how to read faster and with greater comprehension.

  • Westside Tutoring and Testing Services teaches students to read more effectively in order to get the most out of the material you are reading, whether it’s for some sort of academic pursuit, business endeavor or project, or some other “serious” pursuit because that sort of education is lacking too.
  • Westside Tutoring and Testing Services teaches students to write well, and in a way that conveys both the student’s thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner.
  • Westside Tutoring and Testing Services teaches students to study for an exam…the right way!
  • Westside Tutoring and Testing Services teaches students to outline a chapter…again, the proper way!
  • Westside Tutoring and Testing Services teaches students to do independent research…in a library with real books that require a different sort of attribution….even when taking an independent study course!
  • And so on….

I think you are getting the idea by now. Westside Tutoring and Testing Services, and its founder and CEO Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr., are motivated to one end, to eliminating the need for tutoring services…for anyone! No, it will not happen, not completely and not in our lifetime. But we can make it possible for students to no longer require our services one student at a time.

Kind of like planned obsolescence!

No, we will never be obsolete, at least I hope not.

However, as one of our students discovered, a very bright boy in the local school system’s gifted program, if you apply yourself for a specific period of time—and we mean really commit—you will never need our services for that course again! Sure, you may need a little help here and there, even Michael Jordan had a coach, but you will never need the kind of help you need if you’re about to crash and burn in geometry!

By the way, the student I mentioned above has since moved to Pennsylvania and is doing extremely well! I know this because I received a Father’s Day text from him.

Well, it is a different world, I guess!

Time Management – Begin to take charge of your life as never before!

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services Takes a Unique Approach to Time Management

Whether you are considering this course for a child, perhaps a high school or college student, or for yourself, this course will change your life!

Again, the results are different for each and every student but one thing seems to be universal:

  • The students graduating from the Time Management course are far and away better off than they were coming in.

Study Skills and Time Management are not taught in the conventional fashion.

We know you know all about “To-Do Lists!” We are going to introduce you to a new way to think. In fact, we will revolutionize the way you think…and conduct yourself day-in-and-day-out. No, I am not talking about a lot of new age mambo-jumbo, I am talking about a course that works. In fact, the Time Management course sells out every year. We only take 10 students per year and we do not accept more than ten until someone has move on and is successfully applying our principles…with exciting, even gratifying results.

Why limit it to 10?

We’ll, first and foremost, we want every student to get the most out of the course and out of the instructor. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, we only have so much TIME!

So, call today, spots always fill up fast as we move closer to the New Year.

For information and/or a free consultation and assessment, call today!




Professor John P. J. “Jack” Zajaros, Sr
Westside Tutoring and Testing Services
Lakewood, Ohio 44107


NOTE: We do not answer the phone while with students, that’s their time! So, if Professor Z or one of his assistants cannot get to the phone, leave a message. We will call you back as soon as we are free, and certainly by the end of the day. Thank you!

Hiring a Professional Tutor and the Fram Oil Campaign: “Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later”

Aristotle: One of the Greatest Thinkers of the Western World and Westside Tutoring

You can pay me now…

…or you can pay me later!

The same holds true for almost everything in life…but it is especially when it comes to teaching, tutoring, coaching, and even monitoring. Yes, there are a handful of people who are at the top of their game and give back, myself included. But it is also necessary to keep the lights on, feed our families, and keep a roof over their heads.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! Take a look at this blast from the past and then we’ll talk. Okay?

It’s interesting how many people think the ad campaign associated with the above-mentioned quote was a General Motors, Mr. Goodwrench campaign. Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter anymore because, like so many other unique selling phrases, it has grown out of the original context and has become part of our national culture.

“Pay me now or pay me later” has become one of those phrases everyone can relate to, a message that has outgrown its original intent.

Other phrases that speak to being cheap in the short run and having to pay a much greater price in the long run include:

“You get what you pay for!”

“Penny wise and pound foolish!”

This next one is one of my favorites:

“Jumping over $20 bills to pick up pennies!”

And here’s one that has all sorts of meanings and implications…but it also applies here:

“You reap what you sow!”

The purpose of the first part of this post is, or at least should be, transparent.

In fact, all you have to do is type in a few keywords and you’ll have a sense of the wide range in qualifications and fees for tutors in the Northeast and North Central Ohio areas; and, in particular, for tutors serving suburban Cleveland.

Ironically, I am usually not the first tutor most students see. However, in almost every instance, I am the last. Sadly, in to many instances I am the fourth or fifth tutor a struggling student has been subjected to before the full weight of “pay me now or pay me later” kicks in. If that makes the reader a bit uncomfortable, I apologize. Unfortunately, I see to many of the above-mentioned “tutors” advertising themselves as professionals when they are as far from it as one can possibly get and still keep a straight face.

Being sorta good at math and English in high school and/or college does not prepare a “tutor” to work with students who are failing one or more classes…with or without dealing with the added challenges associated with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, or worse!

And it certainly doesn’t justify wasting a student’s time and their parent’s money while they find that out!

Aristotle: One of the Greatest Thinkers of the Western World and Westside Tutoring

Part II: Westside Tutoring and Testing Services Offers Professional ADD and ADHD Tutoring Services for Students throughout Suburban Cleveland and Northeast Ohio!

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services Specializes in Middle School and High School Students, Professional Tutor with More than 30 Years Experience

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services offers tutoring, mentoring, and coaching for students and student athletes from 5 to 65. Professor John P. J. “Jack” Zajaros, Sr. has been tutoring students for more than 3 decades.

This is a partial list of schools, school districts, and cities our students have come from. To list all of the students we have tutored over the years would be impossible:

Akron University
Ashland University
Avon Lake
Bay Village
BGSU Firelands
Broadview Heights
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland Heights
Cleveland State University
Columbia Station
Cuyahoga Community College
Fairview Park
Garfield Heights
John Carroll University
Kent State University
Lake Erie College
Lakeland Community College
Lorain County Community College
Magnificat High School
Maple Heights
Middleburg Heights
North Olmsted
North Ridgeville
North Royalton
Olmsted Falls
Parma Heights
Rocky River
Saint Augustine’s Academy
Saint Edward’s High School
Saint Ignatius High School
Saint Joseph’s Academy
Seven Hills
Shaker Heights
University Heights
University School
Ursuline College

And many, many more!

Professor John P. J. “Jack” Zajaros, Sr., “Professor Z” or “Jack” to most of his students, has tutored, mentored, and coached students from kindergarten through graduate and professional school in almost every subject you can think of.

Additionally, Professor Z has helped students study for and pass the following exams (again, a partial list):

  • GED
  • Nursing board exams and many of the classes leading up to graduation from nursing school and the exam
  • The PRAXIS series for individuals entering the teaching profession and seeking teacher certification
  • United States Armed Forces Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) for individuals attempting to enter the military and qualify for a better job or skill
  • Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT)
  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • GRE
  • LSAT
  • And so many more!

Professor Z has also helped students: 

  • Overcome test anxiety – for students at every level, from middle school to medical school
  • Develop study skills – necessary to improve performance
  • Time management – in order to use time more efficiently
  • To qualify for scholarships and for participation – for athletics at the high school and college/university level 
  • To meet eligibility requirements – GPA and SAT or ACT scores to qualify for NCAA eligibility

Some of the courses Professor Z has provided tutoring services for over the years include (K through professional school, as well as adult and post grad studies):

African-American Art
African-American Literature
Algebra I
Algebra II
American Literature
Anatomy and Physiology (as well as Gross Anatomy)
Anthropology (Cultural, Biological, Forensic, and Physical Anthropology)
AP Courses in almost every discipline
Art History
Biology (all levels and sub disciplines)
British Literature
Earth Science
Ecology and Human Ecology
Economics – Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
Elementary Math
Elementary Science
Embryology and Vertebrate Embryology
English and English Composition
Environmental Science
Genetics and Micro Evolutionary Genetics
Geography and Physical Geography
History (US History, European History, Russian History, Japanese History, Chinese History, Meso-American History, Roman History, Greek History, African Civilization and History, Egyptian History, World History, etc)
Honors Courses in almost every discipline
Literature – African-American Literature, American Literature, British Literature, etc.
Political Science and US Government and Politics

And again, much, much more!

Professor Zajaros has helped students with personal statements for competitive high school, undergraduate, graduate, and professional school admission…as well as helping with the application itself.

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services:

Is the logical outgrowth of a lifelong love for learning and teaching. Professor Zajaros’ son, John P. J. Zajaros, Jr. (April 21, 1976 – July 1, 2012), struggled throughout his life with the challenges presented as a result of ADHD. We know so much more about ADD, ADHD, and other learning challenges than we did 3 decades ago.

It has has been Professor Zajaros’ goal to reach and help as many students affected with ADD and ADHD as possible…to help as many children and adults as possible overcome this terrible learning disability and move on to a happy and productive life.

With the assistance of teachers, guidance counselors, and other support staff, Professor Zajaros has been able to reach hundreds of children over the years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

In addition to ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, and other learning challenges, Professor Z also works with Gifted students and so-called average students, there are no average students, who are struggling to bring their grades up in one or more courses and for any number of reasons.

If you, your son, or your daughter is in need of assistance, call Professor Zajaros today!

There is no time like the present and the longer you wait, the more time it will take. If you anticipate that you, your son, or your daughter is going to have problems with a specific subject or with a number of subjects, there is no time like the present to call for a consultation and assessment.

Call today for a free consultation and in depth assessment!

Professor John P. J. “Jack” Zajaros, Sr.
Westside Tutoring and Testing Services
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
216-712-7004 (office)
440-821-7018 (mobile)
Or email:

A Summer Session to Remember: ADD & ADHD Students

Westside Tutoring’s Summer Session

Students are Encouraged to Attend: Have the Time of Your Life…

…Learn, Grow, Challenge, and Enjoy

Design a Summer Session to Inspire:

The History of Science: Newton, Galileo, Darwin, Einstein…or suggest an author, scientist, philosopher, scholar or cleric…and we’ll do it!

The History of History: From the early migration to the New World to the emergence of agriculture and a stable society…and later civilization. The Bering Strait to the Golden Crescent, Egypt to Rome, the continent of Africa to the Americas are all fascinating subjects, some receiving little, if any exposure in the classroom.

The Little Known Moments in History: Conspiracy theories, real or paranoia? From Pearl Harbor to the Kennedy Assassination to the AIDS epidemic: What do you think? Create a hypothesis and seek to disprove it applying the scientific method, research all aspects of the question (i.e., that means reading real books, journals, etc.), create a paper worthy of publication, submit it to the various online and school-related publications, and argue your findings persuasively. This will be a powerful lesson in researching a specific thesis, developing your research, creating a written document, and then supporting your findings orally and in writing!

NOTE: We will be able to follow the above-mentioned format for just about any topic you would like to study. The sort of education you will receive this summer, particularly while researching and assembling the data regarding your area of interest, will not only help you in your classes next year, when you are required to write papers, it will also be invaluable as you prepare for the writing segments of the ACT and SAT. The summer session will also be extremely helpful as you work on your senior project, school newspaper stories, yearbook projects, and college admission statements.

The application of the exercise suggested above will be invaluable during your years as a student; and, as a professional, a business owner, an executive in the workplace, or perhaps as a blogger? Maybe as a parent…or a teacher?

Question: Where is one of the largest pyramids in the northern hemisphere? Hint: One of our most famous presidents logged in some time there!

Question: What was it about Beagles that turned Darwin on? You might say the  Beagle could really float his boat! He said something about an island being for the birds! Hint: Did you see The Master and the Commander…with Russell Crowe?

Question: While Newton was getting his act into gear, attempting to understand the laws of motion, he was often just short of a solution…a the weighty subject to be sure! Hint: Did Newton want to understand how we get from Point A to Point B? Or was he more interested in figuring out how inertia and gravity weighed in on the subject of motion? So he could get out of the way of all those apples!

I know, I know…but at least I took a shot!

Think about the courses you will be taking in the fall. Or next spring? Let’s apply a little, old-fashioned physics and get on top of the game, now!

If you suggest it, we will put it together and you will be well on your way to an amazing 2011-2012 school year…at any level!

Additionally, you will have an unconventional summer session and you will learn far more than you thought possible in  6 short weeks…guaranteed! Check out the blog post entitled: Summer Tutoring: ADD & ADHD Tutoring Specialist – Summer Session for ADD and ADHD Students? Yes!

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PS, I also have 4 spots open for a combination biology, anatomy, physiology, and weight loss program!*

*As with most of the other programs, the combination biology/anatomy/kinesiology/weight loss program will begin on July 6, 2011 and is to continue until the school year commences. Depending on your situation, including the commitment demonstrated through late August 2011, 1 or 2 students may be allowed to continue into the school year! If you would like to lose a significant amount of weight, feel better about yourself in every way, and understand how the weight is coming off why, and how to keep it off for the rest of your life? Contact Professor Z immediately! (you will be required to provide a doctor’s release – for your own protection)