A Summer Session to Remember: ADD & ADHD Students

Westside Tutoring’s Summer Session

Students are Encouraged to Attend: Have the Time of Your Life…

…Learn, Grow, Challenge, and Enjoy

Design a Summer Session to Inspire:

The History of Science: Newton, Galileo, Darwin, Einstein…or suggest an author, scientist, philosopher, scholar or cleric…and we’ll do it!

The History of History: From the early migration to the New World to the emergence of agriculture and a stable society…and later civilization. The Bering Strait to the Golden Crescent, Egypt to Rome, the continent of Africa to the Americas are all fascinating subjects, some receiving little, if any exposure in the classroom.

The Little Known Moments in History: Conspiracy theories, real or paranoia? From Pearl Harbor to the Kennedy Assassination to the AIDS epidemic: What do you think? Create a hypothesis and seek to disprove it applying the scientific method, research all aspects of the question (i.e., that means reading real books, journals, etc.), create a paper worthy of publication, submit it to the various online and school-related publications, and argue your findings persuasively. This will be a powerful lesson in researching a specific thesis, developing your research, creating a written document, and then supporting your findings orally and in writing!

NOTE: We will be able to follow the above-mentioned format for just about any topic you would like to study. The sort of education you will receive this summer, particularly while researching and assembling the data regarding your area of interest, will not only help you in your classes next year, when you are required to write papers, it will also be invaluable as you prepare for the writing segments of the ACT and SAT. The summer session will also be extremely helpful as you work on your senior project, school newspaper stories, yearbook projects, and college admission statements.

The application of the exercise suggested above will be invaluable during your years as a student; and, as a professional, a business owner, an executive in the workplace, or perhaps as a blogger? Maybe as a parent…or a teacher?

Question: Where is one of the largest pyramids in the northern hemisphere? Hint: One of our most famous presidents logged in some time there!

Question: What was it about Beagles that turned Darwin on? You might say the  Beagle could really float his boat! He said something about an island being for the birds! Hint: Did you see The Master and the Commander…with Russell Crowe?

Question: While Newton was getting his act into gear, attempting to understand the laws of motion, he was often just short of a solution…a the weighty subject to be sure! Hint: Did Newton want to understand how we get from Point A to Point B? Or was he more interested in figuring out how inertia and gravity weighed in on the subject of motion? So he could get out of the way of all those apples!

I know, I know…but at least I took a shot!

Think about the courses you will be taking in the fall. Or next spring? Let’s apply a little, old-fashioned physics and get on top of the game, now!

If you suggest it, we will put it together and you will be well on your way to an amazing 2011-2012 school year…at any level!

Additionally, you will have an unconventional summer session and you will learn far more than you thought possible in  6 short weeks…guaranteed! Check out the blog post entitled: Summer Tutoring: ADD & ADHD Tutoring Specialist – Summer Session for ADD and ADHD Students? Yes!

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PS, I also have 4 spots open for a combination biology, anatomy, physiology, and weight loss program!*

*As with most of the other programs, the combination biology/anatomy/kinesiology/weight loss program will begin on July 6, 2011 and is to continue until the school year commences. Depending on your situation, including the commitment demonstrated through late August 2011, 1 or 2 students may be allowed to continue into the school year! If you would like to lose a significant amount of weight, feel better about yourself in every way, and understand how the weight is coming off why, and how to keep it off for the rest of your life? Contact Professor Z immediately! (you will be required to provide a doctor’s release – for your own protection)



Summer Tutoring: ADD & ADHD Tutoring Specialist

Summer Session for ADD and ADHD Students?


The need for summer school has been a hotly debated topic for decades. Students are heavily, and understandably, against any kind of forced summer program; and, most parents, and a surprisingly large segment of educators, seem to be, at best, ambivalent. How’s that for a complex sentence!

Educators may also feel the summer vacation is part of the package, as much a perk as a well-needed, and, for some, well-deserved, respite.

However, over the past decade there has been a significant shift in thinking, particularly as it relates to continuing education over either a greater span, or to completely span, the calendar year.

The current discussion has grown, in part anyway, out of a recognized need to address the growing segment of the student body currently labeled as learning disabled (in one sense or another). The debate ranges from how best to address this growing segment of the student body, the answer is, at least when it comes to the ADD and ADHD student, is an unequivocal…


For information contact Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr. at 440-821-7018

Summer Reading Sessions Ongoing (Fiction & Nonfiction – All Levels)

  • History – The Historical Novel or the Best of Historical Nonfiction
  • The Great American Novel – You choose or we do!
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy – From Issac Asimov to Tolkien and The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings to A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Literature – Great & Not-so Great – Everything you need to know to pass your high school literature classes…Gatsby to Cathcher
  • Special Interest – The idea is to get students reading and keep them engaged…it can be fun!

Summer Math Support (All Levels)

  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • Algebra I & II
  • Geometry
  • Remedial Arithmetic
  • Prep for Proficiency & Entrance Exams

*Our students don’t jump just ONE grade level. If we fail to deliver? Our sessions are free until we do! Last year’s average math student started with us with a a 49.7% (F) and finished with an 84% (B) in just under 12 weeks.

PSAT, SAT & ACT Preparation

  • Critical Reading
  • Essay Instruction
  • Math Review (Basic to Intensive)

*Students have tested for the SAT Critical Reading at 282 and scored 610 or better on exam day. We continue to work with our students until everyone is satisfied with the results. Guaranteed!

Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
Westside Tutoring
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